Budget & Finance

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AISD's Historical and Projected Tax Rates
The Alief ISD tax rate for ‘09/10 is $1.34. This tax rate is the same as ‘08/09. Over the past 10 years, the Alief ISD tax rate has decreased by 21%, from $1.6995 to $1.34.

Area Tax Rate Comparison
Alief ISD’s tax rate is one of the lowest in the greater Houston area.

General Fund - Fund Balance
Fund Balance is commonly used as a measure of a school district’s financial strength. The State recommends that a school district’s fund balance be between 12 and 25% of annual expenditures. Alief ISD meets the State Recommendation.

Instruction Ratio
The Texas Education Agency tracks how much school districts spend for student instruction. Alief ISD instruction cost ratio is still one of the highest in the area.

Operating Cost for Local School Districts
The operating cost per Alief Student is well below the State average and below many of our neighboring districts.