Alief ISD Facts

  • • Alief ISD has 21 Recognized campuses and 7 Exemplary campuses.
  • • Alief high schools have made tremendous gains in test scores over the last 5 years, outpacing the state improvement rate in all content areas.
  • • In Texas, the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) defines the acceptable standard for completion rate as 75%. As reported in the 2008 AEIS Report, Alief ISD had a completion rate of 80.7%.
  • • Fall enrollment for 2008/2009 Alief ISD school year is up 0.5% as projected.
  • • Texas Property Tax Code states that if a school district adopts an optional homestead exemption, the exemption will be in addition to the mandatory $15,000 residential homestead exemption.
  • • Over the last 10 years, the Alief ISD tax rate has decreased more than 35 cents from $1.6995 to $1.34 — a 21% decrease.

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